About us

Welcome to the Next Level!

I am Cristian GANTA, test engineer, project manager and software developer.

I work for an international organisation, in the IT field. I have a large experience in IT, as I used to work in large private entities and for international organisations across the globe (Romania, USA, The Netherland, Belgium, France and Germany).

I am highly experienced in: software development and testing, project management, system architecture, system analysis, desktop and website development, database management, systems administration (Windows, Linux, Android), virtualization, web and mobile technologies, graphics and layout, audio/video authoring, knowledge management, AI and modelling.

As the Internet reached the next generation and the Web became 2.0, my main goal is to elaborate, design and implement quality projects obeying the highest standards and using the newest technologies.

Since September 2002, this website is meant to publish (from time to time) small updates about my open-source work and about the projects that have been made public.

Have a productive day!